To the invigilator from the hapless student

caught in the web of time,society, security, expectations, expressions and exploitation

having no time to breathe when constantly tracking data on social media

while simultaneously sharing attentions with friends/parents/endless nameless aunts and uncles

and looking cool, ‘yo bro’, hot and sexy

struggling to keep pace with the demands of the time and the tortures of the teacher

the loads of books and terms incomprehensible

the series of interrogatives thrown at us in the form of a paper

based on a subject we rarely could put our thought much less mind to

given that our  lives are endangered, obscured by data and ruled by devils

hard pressed for time to bite into a burger or a potato wedge

managing to reach that dreaded place ruled by the dictator

who has no pity, no shame and is never a game to copy

when we as friends, brothers,sisters and lovers shall collectively perform

as pals  wedded to loyalties beyond the exam hall

but you wretched creature have no understanding of our torment

nor the height of joblessness, the music of failure or the threats there after

you evil incarnate,scouring the class and each one of us

with an eagle’s eye, troubled by a past where you never had the guts to do what we do

nor idea, nor thought, nor courage, nor comrades

looking for  victims of desire of academic excellence in an exam that matters most to our parents, to our institution and the job market

you man/woman/whatever shall walk the gates of hell

burning in fire and then shall pray for mercy from us, your students, hapless now, leaders tomorrow.