Of Fear To Be

A little fear has crept into my heart

fear of failure

despite many before

in life, in love, in living and yes, in earning

failures that helped me be

failures that taught me who I am and who I am not

failure to convince, to cajole, to maneuver

failure to hold the centre stage and parade

failure to manufacture out great looking food

while still managing to create great food

failure to change, to adapt, to assert

failure to stand up at times

yet, today a fear of a failure all too familiar

of telling a story, ah, funny, that’s what I love the most

yet there it is, in the corner

of perceived notions of planning, effectiveness and a certain show off

a tingling sensation of will I be?

won’t I be?

then smile, breathe, peace

if failure is mine,so is victory

many times over and over

in small yet significant measures

coz I am this and I am that too

both failure and success and everything else

coz there is nothing like failure but just another lesson to remember

go be the story teller, be the writer, the speaker, the traveller, the trainer and the teacher

go be the lover of words, of arts, be the leader and the innovator and the protector, ah, yes, that is important

go be the receiver of love, of respect, of name and fame in measures that fit you

go be you, be who you be

go rule the world, coz all that is within you is without!




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