Knowing that I can

Having known what I can

I see no reason now to think why I can’t

When there are times to show

How I did and what

Even if it was nothing great

Nor anything unusual

Yet there it was crystal clear

To my eyes if to no one else.

The last time I did what I did and how

When time stood still

And a great rage filled within

Yet I stood my stand

Proved a point, to me, if to no body else

Yet knowing now what I can

I surely have no reason to think that I can’t

So, here it goes to the doer in me

Cheers again, go on, go ahead

And time shall tell…

(To move, to pack, to start afresh a story too old, yet new!)

Did I tell you the truth?

Did I tell you the truth

of what I wanted to say?

I guess I didn’t

as usual, looking at you

pouring your eyes into the book

or maybe I thought it better not to say

because it wouldn’t matter to you either ways.

so I held my tongue

and you locked your ears.

Some words are said in silence too

and heard without having to listen

but that’s a different story

and you could always choose what to hear.

My truth could just be your false, friend

so its better to keep it to myself

and wait for time to tell…

And she will tell.


Coz you are born, you gotta stay

Now that you are born

you got to stay long

till at least you are called

so go on

but, yes, find a way

if you may

to stop, to think, to ponder

on what brings you here

was it mere accident

or was there a plan

or is it for you to find

a path and  leave a trail.

If you could sit down for a while

perhaps the universe would lean in to whisper

or may be the breeze could be your messenger

or the sun rays dancing in through your window

or the green grass gracing the meadows.

May be you are in a tearing hurry

and I would be wrong to stop you by

but still, I would say

try find a way

if you may

to know what brings you here

who you met and who you did not.

Maybe I could help

so call me sometimes 🙂


Cry of the Soul

Why do the souls cry?

Why do they bleed?

Is it love or hatred?

Is the need to hold or to be held?

Is it the presence of love or its absence?

Is it me or my deed?

Is it the call to live or the call to die?

Is it for now , for tomorrow or for ever more?

Why do the souls cry?

Why do they bleed?

Experiencing existence

While existence from birth to death is a given, to experience living, to experience existence is a choice one has to make.

It is not long since I became aware about experiencing existence but ever since I did, life has become an enjoyable journey of sorrows and joys in equal, some times unequal parts.

The other day while I was out for a morning walk in the premises of the pristine surroundings of Presidency University, Yelahanka, I realized for the first time in my life the thrill of inhaling fresh air. Yes, breathing to me became an experience and each day I look forward to the mornings so that I can take in wisps of that fresh morning air.

I also realized in the process of how rarely I think about this intake and exhaling of air. The first day I remember, how, impressed by the surroundings I had sat down to do pranayama and was stuck by a feeling of cool air filling my lungs, clear, pure and fresh. And when I exhaled I felt that the tip of  my nostrils were burning, literally.

I couldn’t take this experience off my mind for a long time. It was to me like pouring cold water into a hot, very hot vessel. I realized my inner body was no different from an overheated car engine!

Ever since though I am particular about what I choose to experience or live with.

Do I always get to choose? No, definitely not but I do find myself staying clear of what feels not so positive whether it be people, places or just talk. And I can see that it is helping me experience life.

Perhaps I can just choose to do what I do more consciously.

Perhaps that is what it is to experience existence….

Perhaps it is not what I felt it was….

Again, I wouldn’t know much except that crisp morning air can work wonders 🙂