Coz you are born, you gotta stay

Now that you are born

you got to stay long

till at least you are called

so go on

but, yes, find a way

if you may

to stop, to think, to ponder

on what brings you here

was it mere accident

or was there a plan

or is it for you to find

a path and  leave a trail.

If you could sit down for a while

perhaps the universe would lean in to whisper

or may be the breeze could be your messenger

or the sun rays dancing in through your window

or the green grass gracing the meadows.

May be you are in a tearing hurry

and I would be wrong to stop you by

but still, I would say

try find a way

if you may

to know what brings you here

who you met and who you did not.

Maybe I could help

so call me sometimes 🙂



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