Experiencing existence

While existence from birth to death is a given, to experience living, to experience existence is a choice one has to make.

It is not long since I became aware about experiencing existence but ever since I did, life has become an enjoyable journey of sorrows and joys in equal, some times unequal parts.

The other day while I was out for a morning walk in the premises of the pristine surroundings of Presidency University, Yelahanka, I realized for the first time in my life the thrill of inhaling fresh air. Yes, breathing to me became an experience and each day I look forward to the mornings so that I can take in wisps of that fresh morning air.

I also realized in the process of how rarely I think about this intake and exhaling of air. The first day I remember, how, impressed by the surroundings I had sat down to do pranayama and was stuck by a feeling of cool air filling my lungs, clear, pure and fresh. And when I exhaled I felt that the tip of  my nostrils were burning, literally.

I couldn’t take this experience off my mind for a long time. It was to me like pouring cold water into a hot, very hot vessel. I realized my inner body was no different from an overheated car engine!

Ever since though I am particular about what I choose to experience or live with.

Do I always get to choose? No, definitely not but I do find myself staying clear of what feels not so positive whether it be people, places or just talk. And I can see that it is helping me experience life.

Perhaps I can just choose to do what I do more consciously.

Perhaps that is what it is to experience existence….

Perhaps it is not what I felt it was….

Again, I wouldn’t know much except that crisp morning air can work wonders 🙂




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