Between resources and resourcefulness, choose the latter

Mr. Dikshit the Director at Agarwal Public School, Indore walked into my class one day. He then said, ‘Would you mind if I take some time of your class?’. Though I didn’t quite like the interruption, I conceded to his request. ‘Colour chalks, mam?’ He turned to me again. I excused myself and went to get the same from the office. However I returned empty handed and he remarked,’ Be resourceful!’. I  resented the uninvited comment on my of teaching for a long time.

It is only when I read about Karoly Takacs that I realized what indeed is resourcefulness.

Born in Budapest, Hungary in the year 1910,Karoly Takacs grew up to become one of the finest pistol shooters in the world. In the year 1936, he was hopeful of representing his nation in the biggest sporting extravaganza, the Olympic games. This, however, was not to be because he was not permitted by the army which he had joined to participate. Takacs life took a grim turn when in the same year a hand grenade exploded in his right hand, taking away his precious tool,equipment and his only life boat to get to an Olympic medal.

The sporting world had written off Takacs, when in 1948, he made an appearance in the sporting arena. Takacs won the Olympic gold for pistol shooting that year, shooting with his left hand.

What an incredible story!

Something that makes us think twice before we complain.

My mother lost her favourite child, my brother to a prolonged illness. The years of agony and the loss of her beloved child left her devastated. She stopped visiting temples and offering pujas to deities. She, however, continued to help the elderly in the locality, visiting them, accompanying someone to the hospital or a visit to the temple etc. Spiritually inclined, she had picked up quite a few Sanskrit shlokas as a kid and with a group of like-minded ladies she initiated an Akshara Shloka class in Chalapuram, Calicut.

She then went on to become the President of the Ladies Wing of the Mythri division of the Chalapuram taluk. Last year while distributing books and school bags to students of a government school, she delivered her first public address. She tells me of how her speech was welcomed with a thunderous applause. Simple as she is, all she advised the youngsters is to grow big, grow great and eat right.

I am yet to see another woman, who is so resourceful and ready to help any one. Whenever life tests me, all I do is remember this woman who admits of not having studied beyond tenth standard but is blessed with infinite wisdom,practicality and commonsense.

Being resourceful is then a mindset. Some among us will waste a life time complaining of what we don’t have, others will find ways to reach where they want no matter what.

Every morning, choose life, choose the blessings in your life and know that if losing his right hand did not stop Karoly Takacs from reaching where he wanted to reach, nothing should stop you too!





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  1. Very inspiring post. Heartening to know how your mother has been resourceful and instrumental in helping others, notwithstanding the limited resources. Yes, resourcefulness is a great trait that can help a person to tide through different situations.

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