Thinking Teenager

‘Who am I ?

what is my calling?’

said the girl all of nineteen

‘the existential angst plagues each human’

the girl observed gravely.

The mother kept quiet wondering

did I provoke too much?

did I prod and probe where it hurts?

the desire to encourage can sometimes be detrimental

the urge to awaken can sometimes irritate.

The junk food lover nodding to western beats

was wiser beyond her thoughts

so the mother sat quiet in awe of the thinking teenager.

Taking Offence

The telling or being discreet.

The love, the hate, or both being excessive.

The beauty or the lack of it.

The freedom or the imprisonment or the love.

The dirt around or the exquisite cleanliness of it all.

The growth of the mind, the body, the conscience or the absence of it all.

The humor or the seriousness of it all.

The over flow of energy or the vacuum

The exemplary art or the artlessness

The praise or the critique or the criticism

The hunger, the pain or the pleasure

The company or the absence of it

What is it that offends

What is that piques

Those that rejoice in taking offence?

I wouldn’t know.

Would you?




To Sing

How beautiful is it to sing

to be able to lend music to your voice

to touch a heart or two

in verses that may not yet be yours

how divine is it be blessed so

with a voice that plays on a string or two

of hearts one or more

how gifted are these

that know to pitch a song

in tunes that are perfect to ears

how soothing is it to hear

the melody of the soul

blessed are those that sing

pouring heavenly manna

into parched lives.