Fighting bad

So bad it feels to you that it stinks. The whole thing stinks and the stench is such that you are unable to breathe in or breathe out. You feel frustrated, angry, irritated and some times you wonder if you are heading to the mental asylum.

But then  you look again at life and its ways with you and smile because if someone is bent on making your life hell, you might as well relax and join the fun.

You definitely know what is that you want and how to get it. You can clearly identify the spoil sports,the chronic complainers and the master whiners and you know how it is eating into your peace. Yet you put up knowing well, it is not your thing and that your right to happiness cannot be compromised at any cost.

Life you say, must have a plan to polish you,to chisel you, to grind you inside out. There must be a purpose. It is your life and you know when to bend and to whom and why and when not to. This is not certainly a sign of weakness or compromise. Perhaps it is just the lull before the storm.

Well, there may not be a purpose after all. It may just be an illusion but the power of decision, the knowledge that you are in command chills you. You can any time call quit. You can any time walk out and start again.

The key to your happiness is firmly in your hand. No amount of pleading or pretension can cause you to turn away from the course of your action.

Then it is decided. You endure till you want to. You allow till you want to.

The moment you decide otherwise you walk out and that will pinch and how!

So you hold on firmly to your dear life and your dearer beliefs and trust no one but yourself.







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