Love old and new

What happens to love old and new

that you tuck beneath the bills and the tasks

that bleed a little with a song or a sight

that stays with you

yet is not quiet yours nor hers or his

what happens to love old and new

pickled in jars of expectation

a longing, a forlorn expression

a waiting for what is not to be

seasoned with time

and the timelessness of hope

what happens to love old and new

sitting in the corners of your heart

staying young as you grow old in your head

that breaks out in a stifled sigh

or a rapturous laugh

or a tear that ran down your cheek

what happens to love old and new

bottled in prime

not yet let out

for it might break

you more than anything else

a tug, a pull, a sigh, a lost look

what happens to love old and new

that you slipped beneath the bed

into to a pillow cover

between the dusty books in the living room

below the sanity of living

does it sleep with you or live you sleepless?




What you do does not ask who you are

The thought that the car I drive does not care if I am a woman, or if I am over 40 or if I am a Hindu/Muslim/Christian/Sikh struck me the other day and gave me enough courage to hit the road after a rather embarrassing episode the previous day.

The post you hold whether you are heading a classroom, school, a nation or a company again does not ask you who you are, except that you do justice to the role that has been allotted to you.

Where you come from, what language you speak, what food you eat , what you wear or who you sleep with does not have anything to do with the kind of friend you make, the brother or sister you become or the citizen that you are.

The best in art, dance and craft or literature or music or films can be produced by any one irrespective of where you come from, what your parents do, whether you belong to a nuclear family or a joint family or whether your father is working or has stopped caring for you.

I hear my students apologetically taking the name of the small town or village they belong to and say in a rather mild, dull voice, “I come from a very small village in such and such a state.”

And I always ask them where did Dr.Abdul Kalam come from? Where did MS Dhoni come from?

Did that make any difference to what they became?

If it didn’t, it should not make any difference to you too, nor to the infinite possibilities that you hold.

It does not matter whether you are dark, fair as a fairy or tall or short or fat or thin as long as long as you trust yourself and your abilities and put in the effort that you need to, to reach your goal.

What you do does not ask who you are.

What you did should instead raise questions about who you are. Let that be your game plan.

Let those who do not know you ask about you on the basis of the work you have done.

And don’t we have enough examples of how we have often wanted to know about a person on the basis of his/her work? Yes, we do.

Let’s just remember them and focus on what we can do and move mountains small or big!