The cow and me

Picture this!

a busy traffic junction on Hesaraghatta road

here in Bangalore

among the rush are men and women

of all hues, so am I in my rickety car

with me stands she

tall and proud

going back home after a search for her share of grass

at the traffic junction we all stood

the cow and us, she careful

of not disturbing the smart girl on the 2 wheeler

by her side

managing well, her horns and her tail

standing still, the red light was on

and when it turned green

we all moved ahead

and she the most dignified of all

walked ahead carefully

mindful of not bumping into the rushing cars and bikes

unperturbed by the noise or the lights or the horns

and we went home after a hard day’s work

she and I

the cow and me and the rest of us that day.



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