Having come this far…

Having come this far

in our journeys so apart

shall we now sit down, friend

asked she, a bit hesitant, but not shy

age has mellowed and matured

a desire for companionship

a longing to sit down to talk long hours

and she who chose wisely

preferred a friendship she knew would be hers alone

amidst the clank of cutlery

screech of moving chairs

and the noise the music made

her voice was low and somehow lost

yet listening in, he,the friend, picked up the strains

of imaginary conversations of the past and future

and stood looking at her silently

then as if reading her mind

he picked up a book and nodding to her to keep close

shut out the noise, the thrill of action

in the corner made quiet by their choice

and silently turned pages, smiling to self

yet together in company, in companionship

grey hairs and willowy frames

had not dimmed the need for love and friendship

so it was, having come far

they decided to go further, together to the sunset.















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