Of Choosing…

Into the wilderness of thoughts


the space, the mind

you add your share

at the click of a button

a whirlpool of ideas

sometimes regurgitated

sometimes new

reaching out to what is there

and what is ready to be made.

You add your bit

to mitigate the chaos

to deepen the yawning chasm

to reach out

to hold

and sometimes hoping to be held

then the gunfire

the word-fire

and some misfire

but reaching out

you stretch your thought muscles

to make sense

even though you are sometimes

senseless yourself, totally

but silence is not golden

not always, not now

so speak

so argue

so fight a duel of words

and express, express and express

so that you connect or disconnect.

It is a terrific world out there

what will be slain

what will remain standing

it is difficult to tell

but the tears of the mother

the agony of a father

the love of friend

the longing of a lover

the dance of a butterfly

and a croaking toad

shall always seek

a kinder world

so write,speak,argue

but don’t chose silence

against yourself,

the children of tomorrow

their lives ask of you!



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