Strange mom

She sat focused

wrinkling her forehead

narrowing her eyes

hearing  nothing,nothing

but the ceiling fan whirring.rring.rring

to obliterate

to demolish

the sense of pain

the pain of existence

eyes wet and hands numb

she looked ahead unseeing

then her lips widened to reach a smile

a sudden throttle of laughter bellowed

some turned at this orchestra of expressions

others moved on, haven’t they seen enough!

a second later a sob escaped her heavy chest,

and then a wail and a groaning in pain, I turned

now she was glaring at me, as if I was the strangest of all

I was shouted at, spit at and cussed for who I never was

yet knowing what was to come, I stayed, her saree pallu, I held tight

I have known her many moods, yet, love was the  most permanent of all .

So I waited, knowing well her ways and sure enough I sensed a change of tide

She smiled again and reached out,her hand eager to caress and I rushed to her, her child!


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