It must be the times

the change of weather

the heat of the moment

that sought solitude.

The oceans throw up

truckloads of S*** on the Versova beach

the air spits into your very eyes

chokes your throat, scowls right back at you

the rivers fling dead fish

the brackish waters fill the lakes

cancerous earth laces fruits with poison

the preaching of a god-no-more

the hope of a tomorrow-never-ever.

It must be that or the change of the weather!



2 responses to “CURDLED”

  1. It not the weather, unless it really is wet an dreary where you are, making it hard to see beyond the news reports. I looked up the Versova beach story, and now my inner weather is bad too. But it helps to know that there are lots of persons who care about the earth.

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