Relax Momsie, Relax

Relax Momsie, relax

Take a deep breath

Take 2 steps away (from me!)

It’s ok  if I  fail

I will make it up some way

It’s ok  if my dress is not the best

I  still feel confident and that’s more important

It’s fine  for us not to go on holidays

Take selfies and post pics on FB

I am super chill without a smart phone.

It’s just fine that you did not look great at PTM

That was not what it was meant to be anyways!

It’s fine momsie that I am glowing in darkness

You know that grandfather is dark and bright at the same time !

It’s ok momie that I cannot go to movies, to KFC’s, Dominos and MacD’s

Our occasional Uphaar trip is just fine for me

It’s ok that our home is shabby, it is still a home

That our car is dirty, it’s still a four wheeler

That there are creases on my shirt sometimes

That I reach school late or I get punished

That sometimes someone laughs at me

And I know how to laugh right back.

That you didn’t go to college or nana doesn’t work

That you sometimes says ‘sit’ for ‘shit’ and other wise!

That some people will never like you

and some will never understand you.

That you will never be Aishwarya Rai

and I will never be Aradhya/Taimur or whatever.

Don’t worry, momsie, coz I got selected for Basket Ball

And Raju is giving me his jersey and his shoes

Help me work on my Basket Ball plz

Can we now celebrate with Bisibelebath?!



3 responses to “Relax Momsie, Relax”

  1. This is beautiful! I am going to send it to my daughter and granddaughter (19 yrs.) My special favorite part is hidden in the middle:

    “. . . I am glowing in darkness.
    You know that grandfather is dark and bright at the same time !


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