Borrowed Sunshine!

Some times its just enough to listen and be told what to do

sometimes its just enough to have ‘amma’ run her fingers through your hair

or tell you what exercise to do and why

with evidences (of proved effectiveness)from her friends list

sometimes its just great to have ‘achan’ get you your favourite eat

and advice you to read more or write more

sometimes all you need is to sit down with your mom dad

fretting over what how less or more you eat

or how good or bad you are at something

sometimes its just a walk to the beach

or a visit to the thali temple

or a dinner at Paragon Hotel

or a trip to your uncle and aunt

who will serve you pickled gooseberries

or nicely cooked ‘vazha pindi’

and listen to old times talk for old times sake

and carry a bit of that borrowed sunshine back

to last you for a timed existence

of meeting dead end/line-s and making pretenses

of living happily ever after!


2 responses to “Borrowed Sunshine!”

  1. From what i can tell, achan and amma’ s sunshine is real enough to provide satisfying memories, as does that of family members, and even special outings. So all these experiences, although fleeting, can be recalled at any time, making them a kind of ever-after happiness in themselves–no pretences needed!

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    • I always think of good experiences like Wordsworth’s Daffodils” For oft when on my couch I lie/ they chance upon my inward eye, a host of golden daffodils”. Great people and great experiences, the mind’s eye visits them again and again. Thanks, Albert.


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