I stopped only so

I stopped only so you could catch up with me

I walked slow for you to get by my side

I leaned forward to graze your shoulders so

and I breathed to fill my heart with your song

I lived to to be lost in your wilderness

I broke to bring you in

and stretched to let you grow

I have since been waiting love, said the wall

to her that sent fragrant signs,the vine

live we will together

or meet the dust wound in one another

and the world will wallow

in its ancient miseries!


PS: what if the walls spoke?


6 responses to “I stopped only so”

  1. Had to read the poem a couple of times to get the essence of it. The wall proclaiming its love to the vine. ‘ I caved in ‘ might have been a better phrase compared to ‘ I broke’, at least that is what I think. The best line was, ‘ I lived to be lost in your wilderness’. It was a refreshing experience. Thanks for the poem.

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