Since long

Since long I stopped

feeding fire with misery

of what could be

and what could have been

I learned to smile

at what was a slight

I weighed it less

what was told a praise

I kept moving though

in directions that opened

a soul stopped by

gave his company

and departed

a new friend appeared

and we walked a bit together

in a deliberate move

I turned sun-wards

found a secret song

and hummed to myself

I chose the light a little bright

I chose the sound a little loud

strange hues filled an empty palette

courage found in me a kindred soul

a little shy,but all too brave

aged with wisdom

young in spirit

aloft the mast

afloat danced she

the skies roared

the waters thrashed

as long as it shall

so long it will last

her smile silenced

a few more frowns.



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