Time to unlearn

“I have difficulty in thinking differently. I mean I can most certainly think only in a one particular way,” expressed a 19 year old, a little dismayed at her own inability to stretch her imagination.

“Is this correct, can I write like this?”, asked a 20 year old.” It is very difficult for me to trust my own judgement.”

” We have always been told, what to do, how to think, in fact even the most free forms of expression, like say, poetry has been explained to us word to word, thought to thought so that we never had to break our heads. Yeah, in the college, studying arts, I am dumbfounded when the teacher says, come out with new ideas, what is that now?”

“Are you going to tell us what to write?”and “how” and “when”? questioned the teenager. Our teachers always told us what to say, what to think and how to speak. It is frustrating to have to think it all myself.”

“I hate thinking. I just prefer doing the same stuff day in and day out. Get up, eat, dress, reach college, talk, chat, click selfies, go back , send some forwards to some once-upon-a-time friends, express love to parents through emojis and chat late into the night, that’s the life I love.”

These are some of the random comments of a handful of youngsters I happen to interact with. Young people who prefer the comfort of the  internet to real-life. Truth to  whom is what is shown in the movies or in the numerous you tube videos. In fact I overheard some someone say, ” I study everyday, I watch  a lot many videos!”

Shocked? don’t be.

Well! are the young people wrong? perhaps not. Are they right? Who am I to say?

The free availability of data and access to information or misinformation has made some of us at least delusional. We seem to think that we know a lot in direct proportion to the fancy mobile and the internet connection that we have!

I am not yet clear as to whether this is a problem or some unhappy coincidence, but  education as we know it, is in need of a major overhaul.



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