Sometimes shut up

‘Sometimes just shut up and LISTEN

train your ears to music, my music

cut out the rest

coz every other sound is a distraction

the din of confusion, the rising notions

the theorizing and the logical-ization

(if there is such a thing)

is all meant to nip it young

your growing passion

for love, for fame, for making a name

tell me

who would you turn to, the breeze or the scorning wind?

who can calm you, the twilight or the scorching sun?

who can win you over, the blazing fire or the warm hearth?

would you love the oceans if they thrashed your ground?!

if not, then LISTEN

keep quiet and key in

to my mantra”….”

the wicked universe whispered

and she nodded.

On your way

The stars are in perfect alignment

The sky is brilliant in benevolence

Your niche is ready,receptive

Perfection is yours to own

Abundance awaits you

Great love and rich fame looks to you

Step up your game

Chase the stars

Follow the moon

Weave your fantasies into reality

Script the unscripted

Lo! Behold! the universe is in happy connivance…