In-debt-ed @ Personal Loan

invisible but all pervasive

insistent and pretty consistent

they who love the most

make themselves available

on the telephone

after intentions pure and mercenary

their benign gentle hearts

outpouring with endearments

press upon me poor soul

gift after gift of ‘loaded’ presents

reminiscing days I rather not recollect

wish me on my b’day and worse on my anniversary

detailing how I had sleep walked into her dream

and how the vision compelled her to

reach out to me – dancing in distress

ah!lady, but I never asked for a Personal Loan!



If I could I would

hold every air

and breathe it for you

if I could I would

walk every mile

to reach you now, right now

if I could I would

feel each your whimper

and make it mine

if I could I would

clasp a joy

and seal it with a smile

if I could i would

stay young and fine

in the glasshouse of hope.

Mostly though

I would simply thrash you across your face

leave a mark for at least a week

to redeem my points of grievances

and let go.let go.let go.

PS: redemption, her way