Teaching Thrills

It is not some cheap thrill

it is serious life-altering stuff

that happens in a classroom

each day every day

that brings to life

much joy, great sense of being

in the exchange of ideas

in watching young people

get up to be more confident

to stand up for themselves

is a sight of salvation, nothing less

there is no modesty

in acknowledging

its power of sunshine

to get along, to get going, to reach a better place

to be a part of this journey is a blessing, nothing less

so each day, keeping aside those dirty much cried over secrets of life

wound and thrown into the dust bin

she enters the classroom with a joy unbound

and inshallah! is blessed to receive many times over

multitudes of joys in return.

PS: What goes around, comes around,the beauty of Nishkama Karma.





2 responses to “Teaching Thrills”

  1. I too have been blessed: as a former high school teacher, and now as a grandparent, to

    “receive many times over
    multitudes of joys in return

    And you are right about the “power of sunshine,” which I found both in most students and especially in my college student granddaughter.

    Nice poem! (When I print it, I’m going to leave out the “P.S. : What goes around, comes around” and end simply with “the beauty of Nishkama Karma”)



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