THIS WAY you will be fine

erase your breasts

they are too prominent

cut out your light

your eyes are too bright

trim your nose

it’s too nosy

see only what is shown

otherwise forget (u never saw)

feel a little – in tiny capsules

easy to ingest

behind ur breasts

within ur rib cage

is your heart

keep it silent

it has to beat

its music is for it alone

don’t meddle

don’t dirty

be decent

stay safe



3 responses to “THIS WAY you will be fine”

  1. A protest against the big shots who try to control our lives. Inspiring verses. But when you take on giants, there is always the risk of brutal retaliations.


  2. Across the world, protesters are being silenced and we are not supposed to have an opinion. Why shouldn’t differences of opinions co-exist?


  3. You are one hundred per cent right. On paper, where ideas take a life of their own. The real world is well,.. real and it is not an idea. There, the strong when threatened by the thoughts of the weak, retaliate. Silence, incapacitate or worse eliminate them. Its been the same since the advent of history. Justice, human rights and freedom of expression are all constructions of the brain. All of it is in our heads. But, the metal out of which the gun is made, is not some vague stuff sitting inside our brain. Sad but true.

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