3 Teachers Caught Talking

3 teachers caught talking

were given a spanking

faces were made

comments spewed

lack of sincerity

epic inefficiency

extraordinary audacity

hiding incapability

then summoned for court martial

they stood in line

heads bowed

shoulders straight

hierarchies maintained

the panel spoke

“you have been found guilty

would you care to explain?”

abashed of such cross behaviour

they mumbled in voices appropriately low

for fear of LOP

“Honourable sirs and madams

we admit of guilt

and are much ashamed

of inexplicable attention

to details not worthy of mention”

“And what are they?”, the panel thundered

appraisals around

the teachers shied but emboldened soon

spluttered the truth

“The boy who should be an astronomer, mam

is not focused on his goal.”

“The girl who is the best dancer is fighting shy of stage”

“Yesterday that short fella was bullied much”

“Today she came crying to school again”

Restless and anxious of the waste of prestigious time

name and reputation, the panel rushed

“Okay madam, but what about the syllabus

who will complete the lessons

correct the copies

talk to parents

praise the authorities

and bring in more moolah

if you waste time

in useless sympathies?”

That was that

reddened rumps

chastened talks

blushing pink

the teachers went back to syllabus

the world is saved

the future is in safe hands!




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