First Come, Not First Served

Before the commencement of the great Mahabharatha war, the opposing sides of Kauravas and Pandavas were busy bolstering themselves in defense, securing new allies and doing everything possible to ensure the victory of their respective sides.

It occurred then to Arjuna and Duryodhana to seek out Krishna’s help. Though Krishna was a minor king and though he was  many times derided for being a mere cowherd, with no great kingdom to rule, both had realized his unique value and were keen get the best out of him.

With this plan in mind, Arjuna and Duryodhana set out to meet Krishna. Duryodhana, in fact reached early,only to find Krishna taking his afternoon siesta. Not wanting to disturb and lose out on getting the best of the meeting, he wisely decided to wait and pulled a chair and seated himself near the head of the sleeping Krishna.

A little later, Arjuna walked in to the chamber and sat by Krishna’s feet.

When Krishna woke, his eyes naturally fell on Arjuna sitting by his feet and he inquired the purpose of Arjuna’s visit.

An irate Duryodhana cleared his throat and Krishna turned to him and welcomed him too.

Sensing the purpose of their visit, Krishna said that two options were available for them. One  would be that he, Krishna himself would be part of either of the sides and the other is that all his alliances, army would form the part of the other. He asked Arjuna to choose first as he was the first one Krishna noticed. Arjuna politely informed that he wanted Krishna’s presence with him.

Laughing inwardly at Arjuna’s folly, Duryodhana smartly asked for Krishna’s alliances and army for the formidable war ahead.

Who among the two brave warriors had made the wiser decision and was benefited the most is a well known fact, that which resulted in the resounding victory of the Pandavas.

Prudence pays, always!



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