Karna Spoke to Kunti

Mother Kunti

You threw me out of your heart and your hearth

when I was still new to this world

the waters being kinder

found me a home in mother Radha and my father, Adhirath

charioteer to my destiny

what your fears and feelings were I am aware

of your indiscretion, your child-like curiosity and your haste

robbed me of much

yet left me rich in them,my parents noble in their humility.

Meager my joys, stringent my life

My loyalty to those who stood by me is my only wealth

Sage Parasurama, my guru I had hoped to win

was instead cursed by him

does that make you happy?

Draupadi, I coveted, walked away with your Arjun

wrenching my guts of the last iota of love and tenderness

Mother, yet,you come to this poor proud man

seeking help of hope

daring me to leave the one hand that clasped me in pain

of the noble Duryodhana

I, bow my head to you

and promise not to harm your sons other than Arjun

who sought to insult and humiliate me at every turn

my true rival in skills

But now do proceed

your mission is accomplished

I shall leave you with 5 sons

with or without me

as time will tell

go, take rest

and save your milk of kindness for the pandavas

your sons and my enemies

and know that I stand by Duryodhana, my friend and my benefactor

This be my word!



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