Purochana’s Monologue

Was it that what I heard

or did I hear what was not told

was there something more to say

was it that I was misled, nay

oh! noble master, why

have you chosen me

for a task that taints me

my name, my hard earned fame

yes, I know there is nothing to be done

there is nothing to be undone.

I am just a conduit for what is to happen

what happens, happens.

Did Vidura whisper something

or did I just imagine that

Are their eyes tinted with suspicion

Did Bheema’s eyes linger longer

on my hands when he slapped them hard

They look happy ,though, Yudhistira is grave

his manners are not holiday-like,

does he know what lies ahead?

My workers have done it well

the palaces of fumes and fire is ready

it shall consume his enemies, Duryodhana’s

not mine, what is there for me

I might just be killed either ways

by my master or his enemies

not all perfumed waters of Arabia

will cleanse my hands of the ashes, the ashes of the dead

the powerful, the most loved of the people

the Pandavas?

My duties are bound

so are my morals,sadly

his word is my command

By fire shall they die, the Pandavas

in the palace that I built for them

one of such exquisite beauty

I wish it to be seen and admired

it’s going  to be a sight to watch

those trapped voices

and the palace that burns down.


PS: Purochana is the architect of the wax palace that was intended to kill Pandavas.




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