Shakuni – The Master of the Dice

History will judge me differently

but I have my course to run

the absolute destruction of the Kurus

even through those of my own.

Years ago the princes of Gandhara

were imprisoned and tortured

made to beg for food making me

Saubala, the 100th son of Subala

strong and invincible

with a festering wound that cries vengeance

My strength is my thoughts

like the patterns of the dice

I know the terrain of the human mind

I let them wander in the maze of their own head

I pit them against each other

Son to father

brother to brother

friend to friend.

The villain of mistrust

wipes out even the strongest

except of course me and my sister, Gandhari

she who married the blind king

to blind herself there after

tragic to say the least.

Virtue will be the death of Pandavas

arrogance that of Duryodhana’s and his clan

It’s the king makers who rule not the king!




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