Eyes so quiet


so quiet

hold an ocean within

a steady gaze

speaks silent strength


so deep

to wade into

find or lose yourself


so wise

read you inside out

soaked in tears

dried in steel

smile that is just that – a smile

neither sorrow nor joy

tender hands

powerful soul

life’s journey

has not yet killed hope nor dreams

prayers for you

and much love

dear daughter, be thou happy

be thou mine!


2 responses to “Eyes so quiet”

  1. This makes realize that when own daughter was young I didn’t take time to look into her eyes, to treasure her, caught up as I was in work and “career.” Your poem says to me, Blessedly it’s not too late.

    About the last line, I’m reading it not as a desire for possession but as a prayer for togetherness, a union of spirits.


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