Not Quite ‘A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream’!

The object of your desire is at an arm’s length. You whiff and sniff at the fragrance of a fantasy about to come true.

You lunge forward in a desperate attempt to clutch at a tiny bit of that dream and magically make it real.

Your heart skips a beat. You turn icy cold in sweltering summer!

Have you not waited long for this moment? Hasn’t this hope/dream/fantasy been your drive to live?

Isn’t this the ultimate gift you would give yourself?

You close your eyes as if to capture that perfect moment in your memory locked for ever.

But wait, there’s someone whose vision is colored in love and desire for you!

And that object of ‘your’ desire is mooning over someone-the other!

Ha! life! irritating! bewildering! interesting! and all at the same time.

Its like you enter the best restaurant in town with your lady love and ogle at someone else’s girl friend.

It’s like you order the most tempting food on the menu and pry into others food interests.

It’s what I call the ‘Puckishness’ of life, that persistent search for something that will never be yours.

That desire to possess the neighbor’s stuff, his life, his car, his wife and pretty much everything else.

At home I crib and complain of being ignored by the growing teenager and pester her with the ‘I carried you in my womb for nine-months jibe’ far too often but every time she invites me to sit with her for reading something together, I magically (read stupidly!) transform myself into the ‘busiest woman of the moment’.

Why do I always have to rush to put my baby to sleep after, she is fast asleep?

Why do I always have to procrastinate even when I am fully aware of the urgency of the situation?

Why is it that I can’t put my mind to exercise when I know that my belly is almost hitting my nose, sorry the floor!

Why can’t I just begin to write and just not think about writing?

Why can’t I study when I have to or finish off that stupid assignment?

Ha! why can’t we just do what is to be done at the moment?

Why can’t we decide what is best for us?

Or is it just me???

In the play, A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream, there is this naughty self-willed elf called Puck who is supposed to follow the commands of his master Oberon but mostly does what he feels like doing!

Puck,for instance, gives the love potion to the wrong couple of lovers. When he is sent by his master, Oberon to apply the love potion to Demetrius to make him fall in love with Helena, Puck wrongfully administers the medicine to Lysander  and has Helena chased by both Lysander and Demetrius, while the poor Hermia is left wailing for  Lysander to regain her lost love. This confusion creates enough comedy in the play with Puck and the audience enjoying the wild chase until Oberon orders Puck to rectify the error with an anti-dote. The anti-dote is applied to the eyes of Lysander who regains his love for Hermia and Helena is loved by Demetrius and all is well that ends well.

But life is not ‘A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream’ or is it? If yes, who is the ‘Oberon’ and who is ‘Puck’?

Well, I don’t know, if you do, you are free to tell me!

Ps: Yes,it is ‘Puck’, actually!





2 responses to “Not Quite ‘A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream’!”

  1. No, its not just you.

    P.S. Puck is a bit of a strange name, isn’t it. I wonder if audiences 400 yrs ago felt that way too. It’s in the sound, I think.

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