And Zoe Writes

Some day said Zoe, I might just sit down to write.

To share what it is to be bringing up two humans, kids at that.

What it is to be patient and understanding and how it is to teach them ways of living.

I can hear your snigger, half way through

caught in between your nasals and vocals thriving to come out

but I know you are doubting yourself as most humans do.

I understand your complexities

your illicit implicitness

and I choose to ignore that as I do most of the other things that go on around and around.

Apparently, they are taking me on a tour! When I know how much effort it is to get them on the road and to keep them at it.

Buddy, hurry up, it’s a long way to down south, I say, but who cares?

The elders are waiting, I have been telling, but who listens?

I know you would think high of these preposterous duties,officacies, these two indulge in, I never thought much of it, neither did they, I know for sure, and tell me which human ever liked any other like we do.

I mean the way we look out to those of our kind in thunder, lighting or rain, it is not for these, those who walk on two legs to have such compassion, such understanding, such love.

You see, I might fight for a bone, but I am always willing to share a piece of flesh, or a bowl of milk.

They say I am like them.

I am told I have a character. I have likes and dislikes and even a personality.

I have much more, honestly, if only you care to see!

But mostly let me ask you, can you really ever even hope to be like me!!!

It would take you ages, nay, millenniums to get close to our, I mean, my kind of sophistication.

Apparently some human said that it is foolish for women to think they are equal to men,as they are far too superior.

Well, I could say that neither the girl nor the boy have the superiority to even aspire to be anything like me.

I don’t want to elaborate. Perhaps we will discuss that in private.

Oh! well!

I hear your dispute, I feel your antagonism at such assertion from a dog, a mere dog!

No wonder you were never considered much among your kind

As for me, you need to grow up really!

Until I see you!


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