Sly Smiling Old Age

Old age smiles slyly

from behind the glass doors

of the glass shelves

where homes youth and childhood pride

hanging precariously

unaware of time’s assaults

and its irreversible actions

reactions to which are limited only to imagination

a sachet of youth surreptitiously named blossoms

a range of lip dyes to brighten nights

a bottle of sandal wood oil

unctions of many kinds

contraptions to recreate fascination

for sagging body parts

energizers, revitalize-rs, augmenters

and a roll of pain relief bandage called

Medigrip Capsicum Elastic Bandage

reminders of unpaid insurance premiums

impending hospital bills

as good as new dresses

refrain of old good times

slurring speech

a distant look

a balding head

and a wagging dog tail.



2 responses to “Sly Smiling Old Age”

  1. Sentimental at the beginning (the mementoes of childhood preserved in glassed display cabinets), then humorous in a self-deprecating way, but apparently very dark, darkness itself, at the end–unless the “balding head” and “wagging dog tail” are clownish exaggerations. I’m guessing they are, because I remember the words “sly” and “smiling” in the title.

    So I trust that the speaker in the poem (and the poet herself?) is not as upset about aging as it might seem at first reading.

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    • Yep, with progress of science and possibilities of extended living, why bother about old age? And I guess people are increasing turning away from humans to pets for consolation and company. I have thought of it too.


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