Of giving hope

I was a happy host to a young man of promise today. He told me, chechi, I would like to help you in what you are trying to do in which ever way I can and I don’t need money.

We both smiled at the last sentence, but he had meant it earnestly.

I am touched by the fact that he thought it fit to come to my home and convey this to me, his promise of support, for any endeavor that tries to spread good cheer and positive vibes.

He also told me about a friend of his who had failed twice at the +2 level but had gone on to successfully set up a company, in aeronautics, at that. Today the young man is doing his studies at Indian Institute of Science, he said with pride.

‘I have been talking to him all these days and while others made fun of him, I always encouraged him, so he values me’,the young man said with a kind smile in his eyes.

How easy it is to give hope, how simple it is to stand by and just smile or say, go on, do it, you can.

What wonderful effect these simple words have on the psyche of the other person!

Life is a struggle for all. There is a lot of pain or difficulty that each person is going through at any given time, the intensity might differ or may be the context is different but it is still safe to assume that each of us have our share of challenges.

A smile here, a pat there, a visit here, a call there, a well- thought gift are all little ways in which this world, this life can be made better, so let’s just do it.

Let’s give freely what we can when we can.

Even if we can give nothing else, we can still give hope, a smile and a hug. So cheers!



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  1. Even if we can give nothing else, we can still give hope, a smile and a hug. So cheers!

    Good one Mam !!!!!

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