Coz death my love

Coz death my love may just be around the corner

lurking in the blanket or in the tube light or  in the corridor

waiting to boldly walk on to me

or to slyly pounce from behind

or to meet me half way with a flourish and a trumpet

coz life is such a tease that as I sip my tea

I could as well sip a little of ganga jal

btw that could certainly get me to him or him to me

given how the waters are in the mighty river these days

coz dying is as much an art as living is

there must be a certain grace to it

though rarely do I think of his efforts

his beautification of me

into something surreal, celestial all encompassing

all pervading, ever lasting

preparing me gently for a journey unbound

carrying me through the pitfalls of life carefully

lifting and landing with a ‘handle with care’ label

‘the product in here is mine’,he must be thinking

coz death is what comes to us when we are ready

like a flower falls down having shown her beauty

spread her fragrance

and having seeded a new life

so we must say good bye fully ripe

so then aging is an unlayering

well! is it?

sometimes unflattering

but not unbecoming, not really

so love him well as he comes to you in hope and pride

of owning someone he loaned to life

‘It’s my kingdom and I shall thrive, says he

Pity, we don’t have much choice than to say, Thathastu!


Ps: Is eternity promised by science a boon?





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