Of gratitude

Nothing is as pure as tears of gratitude

overwhelming the soul

in feelings so noble and pure

that makes living a pleasure

sometimes as if sensing a downtime

the universe sends her messengers

who kindly let you know of your

small insignificant self

and its value to those seemingly unfamiliar.

When kindness pours in

you bow and take in the bounty

for in friends lie blessings

in deeds lie goodness.

The journey has been tough

the paths have been rugged

the skies have been clouded

but rays of sunshine have always sneaked in

often and on as a helping hand

a friendly smile

a pat on the back

a hug and a cheer

So you soldier on

your smile intact

Some do wonder

where does the smile come from?

It comes from within

from a gush of gratitude!

PS: It’s a small world with a big heart!


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