Late(r) Studies!

A score and a half

of mothering and wifing

of daughter,sister and daughter-in law-ing

and always ranked miss-imperfect!

then this,

the book

my colleague shoved into my hands


and she, my daughter

let me ask you some questions!

and blink

FR Leavis, who?

Eliot, T.S? yeah, The Waste Land!

Year, I can’t remember!

oh! Browning, ha ha, Fra Lippo Lippi

The Last Ride Together

The Last  Duchess

I can never forget Browning!

but Post Modernism?!

I am past that, come on!

Masque?! hmm … heard of it?

wait, let me think

a warning

‘You gotta study, mom!’

but I am old, a cry

not so, a counter!

coz, ‘ambition should be made of sterner stuff!’

so said, Brutus!

what have I gotten myself into

why of all things

why risk reputation, whatever is left of it!


coz I am not rich,dammit

didn’t marry rich either!

and what got me here, won’t get me there!

besides no lottery is coming my way!

so I got to wash the sins of my youth

with toils of old age!

and keep some skills for survival!





2 responses to “Late(r) Studies!”

  1. ” I got to wash the sins of my youth” You are not alone. But I also picked up a light tone here, and in the push from home (your child), and in the funny references to English lit. You’re going to be OK.


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