Every day at work I meet so many people, we talk,we share we move on but with some the talk leads to thought and then some action and then some thing more springs out of it.

From where I  sit in the staff room a lot of academic discussions happen even now when summer holidays are on.

A young lady has just achieved a major mile stone in her career.

Another is racing past with dedication and determination.

I overhear conversations of learning, writing, research, paper presentations throughout the day.

Sometimes heated discussions on syllabus, teaching methodology and planning take place.

When I sit down with someone, I am drawn into interesting and enlightening discussions about life goals, about studies, of youth, of work and what not.

I learn of how goals of sustainability can have implications in our personal lives.

I see feverish energy, sparks of bright minds, great intentions, wonderful dedication and a sense of belonging to future, a feeling of being on to something, something big.

It thrills me, as someone who started off the career teaching 3 year old to now being associated with an institution of higher learning I can’t thank the universe enough for this.

A fresher at work wants to know, how can I publish something? A student asks can I also write?

In a corner, a few bright minds discuss books ,have you read Shantaram, you should try this!

Somebody is trying for a new certification, another is applying his learning to make interesting modules.

The atmosphere is charged,really!

Yes, there are times when talks can be better,when situations are not so inspiring, but is life any different?

In the labyrinth of learning, there are spaces that breathe, that are alive and kicking and  it is a comforting thought. And there are young people who choose to teach because they love it, it is a passion, not a necessity.

The other day a gentleman from the corporate world expressed his drive to get back to classrooms, ‘this is what I always wanted to do, though I am 20 years too late to begin, it does not matter’, he said, ‘I would be happy’.

Umberto Eco’s statement about ‘interstices’ comes to my mind about how being aware of where you are and of doing what you can to get there.Maybe.

Yet, I have to agree with Hamlet that ‘something is rotten in the state of Denmark’, but there is hope as well, there is also effort and good intentions at work.

PS: Life is learning, learning is life.



2 responses to “Think,share,do,grow”

  1. Very inspiring! I’m happy for you. (In the long, open days away from work , I find a similar excitement in books themselves, often in internet journals too.)

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    • Thanks Albert. I am happy too because it is a blessing to do a job you love among people you can learn from. I guess some of us look for excitement and joy and it sort of finds us too!

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