Thank You

You perhaps didn’t hear me right

when last time we met

your words said not

what your body spoke

waiting for those sounds

to tumble down your lips

I heaved a sigh

let down a lock

shed a few tears

in silence then I prayed

reached out to you

love, as usual though

you were lost in your jargon

I guess you didn’t notice

when I left, how and what I left behind

actually it was nothing

let me be honest, I had carried away my pride

a bit of sunshine and loads of surplus laughter

treasures forgotten

until you turned away

no, until I walked away!

when the song is over

it doesn’t matter who walks away the first, or does it?

but thank you, from the bottom of my soul

you have been a teacher nonpareil

your lessons have been lasting

your methods though devastating

keep this bouquet, it sings, stings?!

PS: Thank those who are harsh for they are kind.



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