Now that you are empower’d

Now that you are empower’d


let me rest

after your office

I know you will clean the house

cook my food (our)

clean my clothes

press my forehead

cool my heels

children I know you will manage

feed them well

dress them fine

bathe them nice

sleep them good

parents I know you got to be kinder

gift them stuff

bear them happy

salute the egos

fill the gaps

my finances can never go wrong

coz you are  all-so-power’d

I am just resting fine

you are double the horse power

my mama ever had

honestly I can never say that

but good that you are em……..

and I helped build your confidence

though sometimes your over confidence

is irksome

really  its too much

this over smartness

but I will play along

as long you don’t disturb

or ask unwanted questions

keep your voice low

dad is sleeping

after 3 hours of meditation

I too need some rest

some coffee please

I was waiting

dress down a bit, will you?

at your age!!!