You shouldn’t have asked

You shouldn’t have asked

if the smile she wore was dressed in joy

if the badge she showed around was of love

if the hands that held were of holding

if there were creases beneath the well-pressed coat

if the life was too light or too heavy

if there was light or just an absence of it

if the eyes were darkened in hope or clouds

if there were kindred souls to sit down for a cup of tea

if there was  a book to read and a place to rest

if a willing ear lent itself near

if her ‘doubting Thomas’ ever got a cheer

if scrounging was her hobby or need

if hiding beneath the books

if getting lost in the maze of words

if dressing in silence was a choice

if a glance, a hand, a shoulder would have helped

if the wrinkles were of time or strain or pain

if the veneer was losing its sheen

if the heart was skipping many beats

if the lips were sealed in volition

you should never have asked, no, not you!

PS: of love, life and longing




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