Memory and I

‘Stay’, I said to a memory

‘stay till you grow old

and ripen

to morph

into an experience’.

I added

‘then you would have done yourself right

been to me just

and made this world better’

‘But I gotta go’

said the memory floating away

‘those hearts are more inviting

some others are lacking

so many are forever wallowing

I need to fill their minds

feed them delights

make them believe

that’s my job, you see.’

‘You’ she said turning away


‘cling to what is not

fake what never was

hoping to turn it into reality

and accuse me of indifference!

Sorry,I am with those who turn sunwards.’

Then there was nothing!







2 responses to “Memory and I”

  1. I’m still thinking about this one. The way I see it now, the speaker imagined an event, or exaggerated a real one, and wanted her conception of what may have happened (or not) to remain as a happy memory which might make her unhappy life seem better. It didn’t work, however. Memorories are true only for those who are honest about the world and open to experiencing it. What I can’t decide yet is whether this conflict about real versus imagined events had to do with actual relationships or fantasies. I’ll keep thinking.

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