Of cooking it right

Sometimes the mind, so it seems to me, is like a pressure cooker.

You put ideas, thoughts, images into it, set the time and then allow the ingredients to cook. After the customary cooking time, the result stands in front of you. Yes, of course, the cooking time varies, depending on the ingredients, the external factors, the fuel, the quality of input and a lot of other things. But cook it will.

You could cook anything. It could a dream or an idea or a vision that you see for yourself or someone you love or a cause you deeply care about.

Little things that you do on a daily basis will add up to bring your vision or dream to its fruition.

The vision again could be for anything for example ,the locality you stay in, like say,  for me ,seeing R.T. Nagar here in Bangalore, all so spic and span some time, or the idea of my little girl revelling in what she loves to do her best, or me being able to plan a trip abroad for my parents, or setting up a centre for learning at Kopparambil or travelling the world or meeting the people I love to meet and being able to be loved and listened to and understood, or just being able to write, read, listen, speak and repeat…ah! visions so colourful and dramatic and almost impossible, maybe, maybe not! After all, its about the cooking time!

I do believe that ideas and thoughts are very organic. When you think of something, you tend to start a process, and somehow the universe, sets in motion a variety of realities to get you closer to what you want. That’s one reason why you should be careful of self-fulfilling prophecies, but that I leave for some time later.

The organic evolution of ideas to reality is an interesting concept. It’s nothing short of a miracle. It is so powerful that it can change your life forever.

Recently Ranbir Kapoor famously said of his love for Alia Bhat, ‘It’s new. Let it cook for sometime’ . What he said of love holds true for writing, for passion, for dreams, for relationships, for projects and for many other things.

So if you have a dream, a desire, a wish, an ambition, think about it over and over, develop your vision of it in your mind, write about it, read about it, talk about it only to those who care for you, because your idea/dream/desire/ambition is yet so delicate, so just foster it, nourish it, sort of allow it to incubate.

Meanwhile trust the universe to turn the things around for you, slowly making it possible for you to reach your goal.

It was last year, a friend remarked, ‘so you are a trainer now , aren’t you? You wanted to do it for long, right?’ I was amazed at this observation and indeed, it was true.

I had mentioned how I wanted to work with young people and try and make a difference a few years back even when I was working as a Manager and here I am today living my dream!

I know I can do more in terms of reaching out to more young people in many better ways, hmm…perhaps with the right cooking time, I will be able to do that too!

Just don’t give up on your wish, dream, desire, obsession yet, perhaps it needs to be cooked a little more.

Focus on good things in your life and keep yourself upbeat.

Try and conquer your fears of failure and incompetency with more and more self love and a bit of self indulgence and be tenacious enough to hang on, not give up, not yet, not now, not ever…

Coz it is about the cooking time, right?

I am convinced about the need to cook an idea to fruition, are you?


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  1. This too could bear reading daily, or more often. Your energy is catching. I hope these reflections will appear in a book soon. And another for your poems.

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