Simbly sitting

Simbly sitting

in the first bench

looking at the teacher

not following anything

just staring at everyone

not writing notes even

dozing off in history lessons

confused in maths

yem or yen

what do you know?

average in English

spelling mistakes everytime

what a waste

father’s money

mother’s hopes

you will never make it

I will give it in writing

you dreamer

you immature girl

looking like a fool

forever stupid

ok, keep looking out

I am talking to you only

boyfriends must be there

they will never marry you

I tell you

just for fun they will look at you

stay away or ruin your life

waste fellows

anyways whom to tell

no one can escape karma

children these days!

Ps: Convents, simbly saying! Miss Pushpa TS!

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