Who be you?

Who be you

from across the skies

gently nudging

a wayward ship

losing its moorings

on a stormy night

Who be you

with hands unseen

holding a lamp

for those

blinded with brightness

unable to find their feet

who be you

singing a song

caressing a tired soul

to nod off into deep slumber

dreaming of starry nights

who be you

warning in our hearts

no, not this guy

no, not this place

no, not this time

helping us to wait a little more

who be you

kind spirit of the universe

your presence is our gain

knowing you is our strength

coz you stay within

dear wisdom

to see the world in a rain drop

to hold a life in a seed

stay deep

stay true

just stay.

to keep us grounded

to keep us rooted

just stay.


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