Of how we talked

We talked a lot

she and I

taking turns to listen

and share and share

we talked after 25 years almost

talk we did and how

she remarked of how kid-like I was

and I said how grownup she was then

roles reversed

we laughed

I am all grown -up

she’s pretty kid-like

time changes everything

for the better or worse

we laughed some more

shedding pretences

opening up like never before

I came away impressed

and thought of how

she could’ve influenced me for the better

had we met earlier

but all that happens

happens in good time

so, I welcomed a friend

old but newly found

and treasured

every moment

she, well-versed in life and living

grounded and rooted

cynical and kind

sweet as she is sharp

a razor wit

a woman of truth and substance

an iconoclast

but mostly a friend, a new found friend

blessed truly!



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