To the story teller


I said

‘what magic is that

you weave into your words

what passions pushes those thoughts

what actions what expressions

what voice what tone

what message

whither you take us

what sights you show

what colors of life

what hope what rainbows.’

‘Last time a balloon spoke

and said it well

of how we are

of how much more we can be

madam story teller

kid and grownup alike

we love it when you speak

go on give wings to your thoughts

and sails to our dreams

together we shall proceed

to a better tomorrow

worthy of greater stories

for you to tell

for generations to remember.

I call him love!

In the dead of the night

I wake up with a start

to check if He is there nearby

‘is it time to go?’

ask I eager to pack my bags

‘not yet my love’ says He

‘when it is time, I will let you know’.

‘Life snatched me away from you

pushed you into pain and misery

I know your searching for me

I know your love pure and true

You are mine forever, remember

Life cannot part us from one another

I shall reclaim you for once and for all

With such promise

there was no room for doubt

I was at ease and we were in peace.

His words were kind

His tone soothing

I slept blissfully

knowing how eagerly He kept His watch

over me catching my forty winks

our temporary connect

our time of freedom from fetters

so it was

He & I

some call Him death

I call Him love!

PS: The tussle between death & life! Of loving death!

Sometimes done

Some times she said

I am just done

done done done

its not about doing

yet done it is

so done

that its almost dumb

to be doing anything different

or being just the same

no, it is not about doing

nor did someone do something

not really

but I am done

just done that is

done done done.

I am undone

wrote John Donne once

to Annie Donne

but, I am neither Annie nor John

but just done done done, so she said and I laughed!



While as a teacher I might roll my eyes and ‘sush’ a student engaged in an animated conversation in the classroom, I do myself look out eagerly for opportunities to do just that…talk…talk…talk…

Its funny that I should do so, especially since my attempts at socializing are not many and I do actively discourage anyone who tries to invite me to step out of my home for any event, visit or something of that sort.

Though I am largely amiable, the people I look out to connect have been pretty constant, despite my attempts to change that.

Three days of break from work gave me ample opportunity to call up friends,especially friends from college and school. Friends largely from times old, when assumptions were less and masks were none.

What is this yearning to connect, I have been trying to understand. What is the need, why this urge,so strong that I might just come across as being a little over enthusiastic..

In fact, the other day, I did apologize for my enthusiasm to connect but my friend was kind and said she is happy to talk in Malayalam after a long time. And we did talk, for a long time. It felt truly great.

Is it something peculiar with me, I wondered, thinking of this deep desire to reach out and connect?

Is it that I am seeking attention?

Most of my friends are usually so engaged in their personal lives that they have little or no time for small talk. And I sometimes seem to have all the time in the world to want to talk and be heard and to hear and to connect.

Technology has made it easy for us to connect these days. We can easily locate a friend or someone we want to talk to but then do we have the time or the inclination for it?

Is it the vacuum in one’s personal life that makes him or her to want to talk to others?

When I listen to my students, friends and family, I understand how deep and how rooted is this desire to be heard, to be talked to, to be understood, to be asked after.

A friend of mine shared how she has successfully qualified to be a special education teacher, a student confided of having got an opportunity to star in a movie, another said, she might consider pursuing MPhil, my mother has found time to learn a few more shlokas in Sanskrit,some body challenged me to visit all the note worthy places in Bangalore and show her the pics! Honest communication, straight from the heart is the at the core of any relationship, be it with friends, family or at work.

It is just enough to have someone who calls up to ask’how are you?’and that I learnt from my younger brother!

So, keep the communication going, even if it means you are needling someone, you never know, it might just be helping you or the other person.

Picture Perfect

After all that crying

she dried her eyes

a tear trail ran down her cheeks

a sunshine squint appeared in one eye

spreading slowing to the other

the corner of her lips twitched a little

his brows uncrease

noting the climate change

the intensity of his gaze comes down a bit

several muscles relax

a chair appears from nowhere

swinging legs

they sit

beginning to read.

PS: Some movie

So said she

‘Love’, said she

‘sit down by the sea

harken  the waves ashore

singing songs of bonds eternal

many universes have we traversed

you and I

many moons have we spent

on distant planets

before we meet

here at the sea shore

in these bodies we wear

so it must be

that you yearn for me

and I for you

the sun,the moon and the stars

have witnessed our sojourns

across the skies

in forms unknown

to our mortal eyes

what could otherwise explain how

what causes you pain

should spring from my heart

what causes me joy

should step forth of yours

listen to the silence of the stars

they speak through their blinking eyes

listen to the sweeping winds

gushing past all life

listen to the murmur of the sands

they hold stories of times untold

listen to the clouds

pregnant of truths unspoken

rest your weary head and heart

at this hearth, by the sea!’

Ps: Of how she spoke!

On reading ‘The Prophet’

I read the lines

tears in my eyes

a song in my heart

stumbling upon wisdom

pouring so effusively

I stop to breathe

trying to make sense of

the magic

sounds of  piety

truth beyond life and living

truth for now and ever

travelling far and wide

touching souls here,there and everywhere

now seeping into my being

showers of pure joy

words that dance

words that prophesy

words that speak

blessed be thou

who knoweth the power of words!

PS:Why is reading Khalil Gibran so emotional an experience? What is the magic of words that seem to throttle with intensity?


Tarry said she

the mother of all, Vasundhara,

‘Sons and daughters

hear my call

you walked on my body

fed on my soul

reaped milk of my breasts

dug deep into my being

yet children of the universe

have I been kind to you

I nourished you with my blood

my body unctions made you stronger

my fragrances gave wings to your imagination

my breath breathed more vigor into you

my waters bathed you, played with you and soothed your cries

children of the universe

I continued to pour my heart to fill into your cups

which you sometimes discarded without care

I stopped never to love you and care for you

even as you tore me down to my bare bones

drilled deep into my bare soul

children of the universe

your brothers and sisters

on 2 feet, 4 feet and no feet

some on wings and some on fins

some sailing in my waters

some dancing in the skies

some rooted to protect you no matter what

I taught them to love you

told them to nourish you

even replenish you

yet children of the universe

my last born, your turn it was to be kind

your turn it was to stop and help and lend a hand

your turn it was to sing a song and hold me strong

but have you failed and how

children of the universe

your same-womb-borns

cry for your love

they seek your thought

they demand space in your heart

they shall not be plundered thus

the waters protest

the skies cry out

at your atrocity

children of the universe

my most beloved, tarry,tarry, tarry!


Dear Fence Sitter

Dear Fence Sitter

I admire your stance

even your prance

your willy nillyisms

your many

here now here there


your being here even when not here

your being there even when not there

I like your threesome awesomeness

your vow to every other persons

your free birdisms

I envy your courage and your intrepid nature

your chance takings and safe landings

your identity seeking

safeguarding your moorings

stepping out gingerly

I like the close monitoring from far away

your ‘my eyes are on you baby’

posturing even when turning away

I like these commitments

of staying non-committed

and no-comments plz attitudisms

Hats off to your now pro, now anti


some call it engineering!

dear fence sitter

riding the pendulum of life and living

of gain and giving

my sympathies are with you

no, I empathize with you

don’t I know the feelings all too well!

Ps: To take a stand or not to take a stand