A Single Smile

I wonder where the smile comes from

when broken in pieces the heart heaves a sigh

when holding back tears is so much a routine

when meeting the ends is a struggle

when life’s infinite challenges

test the mettle

tire the soul

pry into peace

a single smile blooms

hoping for a better tomorrow

a better company

a better life experience

a wealth of abundance

a gift of richness of love and laughter

coz isn’t life a gift in itself?

many smiles grow from a single smile

so smile

just smile.

PS: Month-end madness



2 responses to “A Single Smile”

  1. Another poem for my collection. Thank you. It comes at an important time, having just lost a dear family member.

    P.S. When you publish your book, I’d suggest omitting “coz isn’t life a gift in itself?” and the last three lines.

    It’s hard to self-edit, I know, especially when it comes to ending a poem. I read a long time ago that often one finds a perfect ending somewhere above the first one. That is the case, I think, with the line, “many smiles grow from a single smile.”


    • Oh, it is a difficult time losing someone dear, my prayers.
      Thanks for the suggestion about the ending.Its difficult to ‘self-edit’ as you said.One needs to be very objective and that’s not my strength at all. Thanks!


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