Never Say

“Wait”, she never said

“Stop”, she would not utter

“Heed”, she hoped to never have to ask for

“Understand”, can never be a request

“Befriend”, should never be a plea

“Hold”, can never be a command

“Reaching out”, should never be a drag

nor should “walking away” be a brag

“Lead”is a call from within

“Heal”is what hearts do ideally, well! sometimes!




4 responses to “Never Say”

  1. I like this poem, like there’s a conversation in each line, what a nice way to express your emotions.

    Hey, it would really be awesome if you could visit my page, don’t hesitate to connect with me, I am Ragazza. 🙂


  2. I’m learning to recognise and appreciate your unique style: compact elliptical bits of wisdom or complaint — self-talk disguised as fictional dialogue– ending with a surprising switch into everyday phrases which make the poem seem even more more real, more true.

    (Don’t mean that I read only for literary qualities. I just like good writing, long or short, talk or song, memories or stories. Its pleasing to find such.)

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  3. I am glad you enjoy reading what I write. Floods and destruction in my home state, Kerala has been so devastating recently…everything seems a farce…then your comment makes it seem all good again.. thanks! god bless!

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