Dear Fence Sitter

Dear Fence Sitter

I admire your stance

even your prance

your willy nillyisms

your many

here now here there


your being here even when not here

your being there even when not there

I like your threesome awesomeness

your vow to every other persons

your free birdisms

I envy your courage and your intrepid nature

your chance takings and safe landings

your identity seeking

safeguarding your moorings

stepping out gingerly

I like the close monitoring from far away

your ‘my eyes are on you baby’

posturing even when turning away

I like these commitments

of staying non-committed

and no-comments plz attitudisms

Hats off to your now pro, now anti


some call it engineering!

dear fence sitter

riding the pendulum of life and living

of gain and giving

my sympathies are with you

no, I empathize with you

don’t I know the feelings all too well!

Ps: To take a stand or not to take a stand