I call him love!

In the dead of the night

I wake up with a start

to check if He is there nearby

‘is it time to go?’

ask I eager to pack my bags

‘not yet my love’ says He

‘when it is time, I will let you know’.

‘Life snatched me away from you

pushed you into pain and misery

I know your searching for me

I know your love pure and true

You are mine forever, remember

Life cannot part us from one another

I shall reclaim you for once and for all

With such promise

there was no room for doubt

I was at ease and we were in peace.

His words were kind

His tone soothing

I slept blissfully

knowing how eagerly He kept His watch

over me catching my forty winks

our temporary connect

our time of freedom from fetters

so it was

He & I

some call Him death

I call Him love!

PS: The tussle between death & life! Of loving death!


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